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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The day is approaching

We have now received replies from most of you that are coming to our wedding. The day will be quite an international event. We are eagerly looking forward to celebrating the day with you!

Inside Toulouse Capitol.  
Here we will do our civil marriage ceremony
 This is where you will witness the civil marriage ceremony. In France it is at the capitol a marriage is counted as valid for jurisdictional reasons. Followed by the civil marriage ceremony the church will put the icing on the cake. Then the event will proceed by photo shoots (group and individual photos) and going to Lavaur.

 The ceiling of which the civil marriage ceremony is taking place

One of the other rooms inside Toulouse capitol

What to do in and around Toulouse

If you enjoy shopping and spa treatments, the town of Toulouse will give you plenty of options. 

Recently we have received questions on what one can do in and around Toulouse. In this post we are putting together a few suggestions on nice places to go in the Midi-Pyrenees. There are several things to do (as always in an area of any kind) in the Midi-Pyrenees,  so have a look at the following link as what to do in Toulouse.

As a starter on what to do outside Toulouse, if you are fond of the beach, what about paying a visit to Banyuls or Collioure? Or going back in time in Carcassonne During our trip to France this summer we spent a few days in Banyuls and Collioure and enjoyed the area by the sea. If you prefer hiking, this is a brilliant opportunity to check out the mountain trails of the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees offer a wide range of short and long distance foot paths. During our recent trip to France we did two trips, one long and one short. The long foot path was GR 10 and the shorter hike was in Font-Romeu.